Need help! Not sure what to do with my wrecked cobra

Discussion in 'Mustang Chit Chat' started by Gt40 Joe, Sep 20, 2018.

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    Personally as much as I love my 08 any significant damage to it I would demod it and sell the car.

    They are never the same once wrecked, and the resale takes a hit as well.
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    I'd be building a very cool sand/desert buggy if it was me!
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    I was just trying to invoke a response from the OP, poking the bear so to speak, as I don't think I've heard from him since the beginning of this conversation. It is no one's business but if you put up pics of your wrecked car it's gonna get asked.
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    OP hasn't logged in to the site for 3 weeks......
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    Doesn't mean it hasn't been a great thread for fighting and arguing.

    I'd just sell the thing on ebay, seems like old GT500 junk still goes for a fortune. IE: complete engine/trans/ecm/fuel system pullout. Seems to be no end to people building a hacked up t-bucket with greasy 8" wide 30" tall slicks on the back, front suspension and steering made from old hospital beds... much easier to control than a chassis designed in 2003... :jester:
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    You got that right! Was just looking at GT500 engines the other and they are stupid expensive. I can buy a long block and still have money left over! Cheapest I saw was 9,500 for just motor.

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    Doesn't the car come with the Cobra emblems?

    And good grief, some of you guys are so picky.
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    My car came with Boss stickers!

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