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  1. Frankief28

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    Hey wondering if anyone had tips or suggestions on my 2012 5.0 I’m trying to get some power gains but not go supercharger just yet maybe down the road so far I have the following upgrades
    Long tubes X pipe Roush catback
    JLT intake
    Aluminum driveshaft
    93 tune
    Oil separator
    Lowered 1.5 drop
    Pan hand bar
    Control arms
    Was thinking of 3.73 later on prob. Not going to do cams because for the money I rather go super charger.
    Anyother upgrades that are n/a? I was thinking boss 302 intake but I heard you lose a lot of TQ when the car was stock It dyno 370 to the wheels and it’s a auto thanks
  2. Dino Dino Bambino

    Dino Dino Bambino I have a red car

    The only other N/A power upgrade available to you without going inside the engine is the 2018 GT intake manifold. You won't see much difference at lower rpm but there are huge HP gains above 6500rpm where the performance of the '11-'17 GT manifolds drops off. You could also add the Boss 90mm throttle body for further gains. Both are going to require a custom tune and you could raise the rev limiter to 7400rpm.
    If the 2018 intake manifold doesn't look sexy enough for you, go for the Cobra Jet instead.
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  3. 07 Boss

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    Nitrous Oxide.
  4. Juice

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    There is some power to be had with a tune. Specifically cam timing.
  5. Grabber Blue 5.0

    Grabber Blue 5.0 forum member

    The gears will do nothing while a converter will make a significant difference.
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  6. Iceman62

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    Adding up the co$t of everything listed...you should just go w/ supercharger & be done w/ it. :D
  7. RED09GT

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    You've already addressed the easy stuff so a converter would be a good idea. A better idea would be to supercharge it and then get the converter after.
  8. Frankief28

    Frankief28 Junior Member

    Thanks guys will prob. Go with convertor
  9. Dino Dino Bambino

    Dino Dino Bambino I have a red car

    I suggest you do the 3.73 gears first. They'll really make a difference over the stock 3.15. You'll need to use your handheld tuner to alter the axle gear ratio stored in the ECU so that the speedo and the tranny shift points remain correct.
    After the gears are done, you can then upgrade the converter. With your mods, the torque curve will rise quite steeply from lower rpm and begin to level off a bit around 3500rpm, so that's the rpm I suggest you choose as the stall point.
  10. bambam 06

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    Converter and gears go together!!! One doesn't work well by itself.
  11. 07 Boss

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    Your kidding me right? Gears act as a torque multiplier. In simple terms it multiplies your power output to the wheels.

    I would actually wait on a converter until you get close to the power you are going for. Stall speed will change with your engines power output. Where your car makes peak torque will determine where you want your converter stall speed at. If you put one in now and then make changes to the power output you might have to pull it and get it restalled. That's kinda a pain, don't ask me how I know this.
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  12. Sactown

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    ^^^^ This
  13. jewc75

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    Is this goal for drag racing or playing on the street? 3.73's are great on the street and suck on the track. On 3.73's and drag radials id pull 1.9 60ft on the track. Spinning isnt winning. Who is the tune by? The converter with 3.31's was the best 2 mods i've done. If you plan on doing a supercharger down the road hold off on the converter. They are different between n/a and boosted applications.
  14. tjm73

    tjm73 of Omicron Persei 8 S197 Team Member

    Tune, suspension stuff and keep saving for the boost.
  15. Grabber Blue 5.0

    Grabber Blue 5.0 forum member

    It's already been proven gears do nothing for the automatics in this platform, especially 3.73's.
    Gears do very little for these cars.
  16. Snakethat

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    Two greatest mods i have done. Supercharging and torque convertor. Add the torque convertor after supercharging made the car wake up like nothing else. You need to just save the money for these two upgrades and as was mentioned already start on suspension.
  17. Pentalab

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  18. OX1

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    X3. All I did was powerwise was the Rousch Phs 3 blower, not even using open air cleaner and VMP tune.
    Hunted around a while and found blower $1000 cheaper than anyone at the time, $5200.
    Think you could spend double on NA mods, and not get to what only a TVS gets you.

    Otherwise, sounds/drives stock, except for severe low end torque issue :)

    Very commendable and a cool journey and all, but it took 4 years to go 2 tenths slower than my second pass ever in the car. That and if we are really comparing $, he had offroad H, big/littles, and $500 coils (that didn't work out, but still money spent).

    The other issue for me is being in a Lib state, wasn't sure if NJ was ever going to go back to more than just OBD connection for emissions. I really wanted twins, but if they went back to visual, or worse to private garages, I'd have been screwed with twins, or even just long tubes (not swapping them out every 2 years). At least Roush blower has an OE #, so it looks all legit if you used their closed air cleaner.
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  19. Laga

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    What converter did you go with?
  20. Snakethat

    Snakethat forum member

    Had a TCI and switched to a Circle D. Glad I did.