Pump shuts off too early when fueling up- what's the fix?

Discussion in 'Mustang Chit Chat' started by ghunt81, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. ghunt81

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    I know I've heard this was a problem, and I only had this issue once or twice prior to this year, but on my last 2 fillups I have had the pump click off early.

    Now, I had a problem like this on my old Ranger but on it the pump would click off constantly, and replacing the charcoal canister fixed it completely.

    On mine, as an example, yesterday I was at 27 miles to E and the pump shut off after 6-7 gallons went in. I had to flip the nozzle upside down to fill it the rest of the way, but I hate doing that because it always belches some out when the pump clicks off and it goes down the side of the car.

    So, is this a charcoal canister issue or is it something else?
  2. Dad

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    To my knowledge the nozzle flip is the only solution. Supposedly Ford fixed the problem with later cars so perhaps there is a fix. Swapping the tank maybe or some other parts? I can't remember off the top of my head.
  3. stkjock

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    there are multiple threads on this topic

    to the best of my recollection, the fix had to do with a vent tube and or filter in the filler pipe area.
  4. ghunt81

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    I just wonder why it decided to rear its head this year. I almost always fill up at the same station and only had an issue one time prior to these last 2 fill ups.
  5. dark steed

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    I’ve had mine for nine years and it’s only done it a few times, and mostly at one pump in particular.
    Try a different gas station/pump

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  6. Mustang Mark

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    I read replacing the vapor canister is the real fix. There is an updated part #

    I have not done it myself though since my car is currently on jack stands.
  7. 1950StangJump$

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    OP, I never had the problem, but did lots of reading on it (and a little experimenting) when I considered deleting my EVAP.

    In the 2005-2007 models, the only vent to the tank went to a badly designed EVAP system. Starting in 2008, Ford redesigned the EVAP and also ran a smaller, second vent line up to the top of the fill tube. This seemed to elevate the filling problem.

    It is possible that updating the fill tube would fix your problem. But, I will note that, when I was experimenting with my 2008, when I plugged the vent line to the EVAP, the car would not fill up past 1/2. So, the vent line to the fill tube (that is in the 2008+ models) by itself was still not enough venting. I was surprised and simply put the system back to stock.

    The way I see it, you have a few options. You will have to experiment:

    1. Delete the EVAP and vent to atmosphere. You will have to get a tune to turn off the CEL. And, you might have a slight fuel odor, particularly if you garage the car. You also need to figure out a way to vent it in a way that you are comfortable with. I wasn't comfortable venting the fumes under the car around the hot exhaust. Probably harmless, but I didn't want to chance it. This was the main reason I ended up not deleting the EVAP. I was only looking to delete it for looks anyway.

    2. Buy a 2008+ fill tube. Then 'T' off the vent line so that one half is going to the EVAP as designed and the other to the designated spot at the top of the fill tube. Like I said, that line to fill tube - when used alone and not in conjunction with the an EVAP line or a vent to atmosphere - was not enough to allow mine to vent and fill properly, so I hesitate saying it would fix your problem.

    3. Clean or replace your EVAP. With the 2005-2007 models, the EVAP was prone to getting clogged. There are multiple posts online about guys who fixed their problem by blowing out their EVAP with compressed air. However, given they are not expensive, I think I would lean towards just replacing the whole thing as a unit. I'm not sure if the 2008+ EVAP would be plug-and-play compatible though. So, just putting a brand new 2005-2007 EVAP in might be the answer.
  8. nawagner

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    There are specific pumps and stations that I have found seem to have this problem, as mentioned, so I avoid them. When it does happen I just turn the nozzle upside down. Doesn't seem like it's worth the work and time for the few times it happens. For some reason the pumps at BP stations don't seem to do it. That's where I fill up most of the time since they have non-ethanol 91 or 93 octane.
  9. Sactown

    Sactown Sactown

    ^^^ This, flip the nozzle
  10. Derf08

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    yep, happens to me from time to time only at certain stations/pumps.