Rally GT first test at lake bed

Discussion in 'Pictures and Videos' started by OutlawEvans, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. OutlawEvans

    OutlawEvans forum member

    hey guys. I’m building my old mustang drift car slowly into a rally car and my first idea is to compete in the CalClub Rallycross series (Autox in dirt) and I just finished putting the car together except for wheels and tires. I made a small video so I thought I would share it. If you want to see the car more check it out here

    Here’s the footy

    Ps. There’s a strange knock around 4 minutes in the video, I’m trying to figure out if this is what wheel hop (possible on dirt?) sounds like or maybe it’s something binding up. So far I’ve haven’t found anything from looking around the car
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