Removing Paxton before selling car?

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  1. BricsSiena25

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    Hey everyone,

    I have a 13' GT California Special and installed a procharger kit two years ago. Am going thru some life changes and will be selling. Question is- Would you convert the car back to stock and try and sell the complete kit separate, or would you just leave everything on it? The car has 32,000 miles, but only put about 2000 miles on the kit since install (became an occasional weekend crusier and now hardly leaves garage . Other than that, the car is completely stock with the exception to some flowmaster catbacks. The kit itself is practically new. Kit would come complete with Lund Tune, BoostaPump, big red bov, and the id 1000s along with the air/air intercooler, procharger housing and bracket and all necessary hardware. If you did sell, what would be a fair price? Thanks for any advice.

    Cory H
  2. Dino Dino Bambino

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    The Paxton could be an attractive selling point if the car has been dyno tuned, and if you have a dyno sheet to show to the prospective buyer.
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    you would net more cash if you do the work and turn back to stock and sell the parts IMO, you never get real value for the mods on the car IMHO.
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    Yeah. Unless you are lucky and find someone who appreciates it.
    It is like putting in a pool in a house. Doesn't necessarily add to the value but when it come time to sell...sure makes it more attractive
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    I just sold my 2002 GT with a Kenne Bell. I was torn on what to do also. I sold it with it, but it took a couple months to find the right guy for it. I was going to take it apart when the new owner bought it. Non-supercharged cars seem easier to sell to me.
  6. stkjock

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    even if they appreciate it, you don't get as much for the car..... I know from personal experience and 10 years on this board
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    Unfortunately the market has gone down for boosted 11-14's. Might get 25k for it, ive seen others sell for a lot less.
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    Thanks for the input! Will list this weekend and see what happens!
  9. stv_huff

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    I’d post it as-is for a few weeks to save the time then pull it apart for more money if it didn’t sell.