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Discussion in '2007+ Mustang GT500 Tech' started by luillo, Jan 6, 2021.

  1. luillo

    luillo forum member

    Any body has information about the electronic modification needed to make the T56 Mag Xl work on 2011 and up mustangs? Specific on the GT500 TR6060 to the T56?

    I called around and it will require to hard wire a 3 in 1 box vendors sells and this will make the reverse light, reverse lockout work properly then i will have to tune the car for the speedometer portion.

    Any info will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Midlife Crises

    Midlife Crises Member

    When I replaced the 3650 in my 2010 with a T56 mag xl the speedo, backup lights and reverse lockout were all separate functions. The backup lights were plug-n-play. The speedo was plug-n-play also and the electronic lockout did not exist. I believe the box is required to correct the speedo signal on the 2011.
  3. luillo

    luillo forum member

    The T56 Magnum XL was designed to be plug & play for 2005 S197 up to 2011. S197 2011 and up have different plugs that requires hard wiring. The 3 in 1 box will plug directly into the T56 Mag solenoids for the reverse lockout, the reverse light switch and the speedometer but it has to be hard wired back to the car proper wires to work as OEM.
  4. Juice

    Juice forum member

    You dont need that 3in1 box if you are tuning the car.
    The 2 wire sensor works with the copperhead pcm. The speedo can be corrected in the tune. You should be entering the individual gear ratios anyway as the xl and the mt82 have different ratios.

    Reverse lights work, just hook up the switch.

    I never got the plug for the lockout solenoid. I just "push through" into reverse, like an old hurst 4speed stick on a top loader.
  5. kerrynzl

    kerrynzl forum member

    Here's what I did for the Reverse solenoid on a T56 conversion

    You will need to go to the local U-Pull and cut a pigtail out of the harness [the plug and some wire still attached] If you don't have one in your car.
    And grab another stoplight switch to use on the clutch pedal while there.

    The solenoid itself is a simple 2 wire electromagnet , it can be wired either polarity [ + and Ground]

    Tee off a power feed from the stoplight switch [after the switch] over to the other stoplight switch mounted on the clutch pedal then to the solenoid.
    They must be wired "in series"

    With your foot on both the brake and clutch pedals you can select reverse,
    when upshifting your foot isn't on the brake pedal [no power feed] so reverse is still locked out.
    [We don't do this in Road Racing because we can be hard on the brakes at 150 mph downshifting into 5th.]
    But on the street 90% of 5th gear downshifts on the highway is doing a passing move. [6th is a cruising gear only]

    I did this ^^^^ on my friends pickup with a T56 conversion.

    I have another friend ,who used a simple "Summit Racing" RPM switch that had the mode set to be normally open after 2000 rpm.
    So below this rpm the circuit is closed and provided ground for the solenoid.

    They then selected 4 cyl mode on the switch.[ A 4 cyl @ 2000 rpm has the same pulses as a V8 at 1000 rpm]

    So you can automatically select reverse when the engine is idling.

    The circuit was
    Ign power to Clutch pedal switch to Solenoid [12 v +]Then from solenoid to rpm switch to ground [the rpm switch has a ground wire]

    here's the switch
    and the instructions
    The rpm switch can take a 3 amp load and the solenoid draws 1-2 amps.

    By using a clutch switch there is no amp draw if the engine is idling in neutral for extended periods of time.

    Maybe his is a better idea.[ But understand , his engine uses a normal distributor for the RPM switch]
  6. luillo

    luillo forum member

    Thanks for the info but I figure it out. I don’t need to do any physical alterations as my TR6060 has the exact same connectors as the T56. All I need is a tune to make sure my speed is correct.

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  7. Midlife Crises

    Midlife Crises Member

    You can pick up a shift knob with a push button switch in it to use for the lockout. T-handles, pistol grips and several knobs are available. Check out Twisted Shifters some time when your bored.
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