Will 275/35/20 fit?

Discussion in 'Tires and Wheels' started by joshuamedina653, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. JJ427R

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    I agree that taller sidewall is better ride, but that lower profile looks much better, especially on a 20" wheel. Anything over 35 on a 20" imo looks too big. 18" wheel is different, I prefer the 40 sidewall.
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  2. JJ427R

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    I recently ordered 4 new 275/35/20 Firestone Indy 500's, two of em arrived today, not sure where the other two went....
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    My car is 2010 Roush. It has the Roush 20x9.5" wheels (chrome), with 45mm offset. The wheels had the stock 8-year old Cooper tires and the car rode like a tank, plus had limited traction.

    I did a lot of searching and investigating for new tires and eventually settled on a set of staggered tires, using Falken FK510: 285/35R20 in rear and 255/40R20 in front. These tires are virtually identical in OD. Copy of receipt below.

    My comments on these Falken tires:
    1) they fit perfectly
    2) they look good
    3) the ride is wonderfully comfortable, yet firm
    4) traction (and safety) is greatly improved