165A Denso Alternator Group Buy For 2005-Mid Year 2009 3v’s

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    165A Denso Alternator Group Buy For 2005-Mid Year 2009 3v’s


    For 2005 – Mid Year 2009 Mustang GT’s and F-150’s with the 5.4L 3v motor

    The reasoning for why you want a Desno alternator for your 3v is at the bottom after the group buy information.

    I posted this on the DOB Owners Club Facebook page Sunday and already have 36 sold. I only have 62 cases available so get them while they’re hot.

    The group buy starts right now (11/8/17). It goes for maybe 2 weeks max. This may be a one-time deal.

    I think I will need 4 weeks to get them shipped. It could be less though. This is a first production run so there is some question as to how timing plays out. The cases need to have the ears machined off (for some blower people), they then need to go to powdercoat, then to the alternator plant to be put on the assembly line and built, then boxed and shipped.

    I’m only offering these on Facebook and this forum right now. If you have a friend who want’s one let them know. I want to do one run to gauge interest, etc. We don’t have an unlimited supply of Denso cases on hand. If it goes well we can order more cases for another run later.

    You will be getting these at a lower price that I won’t be offering “far and wide” for subsequent runs.

    They’re $285.

    Instead of screwing around with a lot of shipping quotes I’m going to call it $20 for shipping in the CONUS. That should be about average. A little shipping rate socialism if you will. :)

    So, a total of $305 shipped in the CONUS.

    If you want one send me an email at [email protected] letting me know. I need to know the following (include in your email):

    -Do you want it powdercoated black or silver?

    -Will you be using it with a Department Of Boost GT450, Roush or Whipple kit (ears removed)?

    -Do you want a 6 or 8 rib clutch pulley?

    -If you need yours shipped outside the CONUS include your complete shipping address when you send me your email saying you want one so I can calculate shipping.

    -Include your PayPal email address.

    I will send you a PayPal invoice so all you need to do is click pay.

    Please let me know ASAP if you want one or not. The faster I get everyone in, the faster I can start the process of building them.

    Thanks a lot!!!

    Below Is The Information On Why You Want a Denso

    If you have been around 3v’s very long you probably already know that the stock Motorocraft 6G alternators that come on 2005-Mid Year 2009’s are garbage. They don’t tolerate RPM’s very well and they can’t be fixed, modified, or improved. It’s an inherent design flaw. Even the hot rod “aftermarket” ones have the same fatal flaw, there is no way around it. That’s why Ford switched to the Denso in mid 2009.

    The bottom line is if you haven’t had to replace your stock alternator yet, you will.

    A friend of mine owns a GIGANTIC alternator/starter business. He has helped me in the past by doing the custom R-Spec alternators and he has done a few 165A Denso’s for me which I’ve sold onzie-twozie. Here are some features/facts/etc:

    -The Denso is nearly bulletproof and you can spin them to the moon without them coming apart.

    -165A is as big as you can go in the stock case and have it still fit on the car. The stock replacement ones are either 135A or 150A. So, you get the extra 15-30A out of these.

    -From what I have seen the stock replacement ones don’t come with a clutch pulley. And you can’t transfer the one from your Motorcraft alternator because they don’t fit. These will come with either a 6 or 8 rib (your choice) clutch pulley (value $100) already on them.

    -You can either have them in powdercoated black or silver.

    -The ears will be removed for Department Of Boost GT450, Roush or Whipple kit customers before powdercoating so you don’t need to do that or mar the finish.

    -There is no core charge. This is an important distinction. It’s possible that you could use your Motorcraft/stock as the core if you bought a Denso at let’s say Rock Auto. But, if the person checking the core through notices that it’s not a Denso you’re hosed. You will pay the core charge which is usually $75.

    -The alternators are new, not re-manufactured.

    So, there you go. A fantastic replacement for the constantly failing Motorcraft alternators that make more power than any other Denso you can buy, powdercoated and with a clutched pulley already installed at very competitive pricing.
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    In for 1!
  3. Department Of Boost

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    Nice! Thanks!
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    Do you have any more of these?
  5. Department Of Boost

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    Mine is still working super nice. Has been great given my regular hitting the rev limiter. :)
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