2005 - 2009 Mustang GT Gauge selection help . . .

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  1. c0op3r

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    I want to add a boost gauge to my 2007 Mustang GT with the Edelbrock Supercharger kit.

    I am leaning towards the AutoMeter / Ford Performance 3 gauge center dash cluster:


    I think I want to go with the Ford Performance Gauges that Autometer makes:

    Boost Gauge is a FOR SURE - damn that thing is expensive!

    The question here is what other 2 should I get?

    I was thinking, the Water Temperature Gauge - well cause these cars can get hot.
    Maybe the
    Transmission Temperature Gauge? I have no idea how that hooks up never installed one.

    So the car is a GT Premium so it has the 4 center small gauges from the factory:

    • Fuel
    • Temp C to H
    • Voltage L to H
    • Oil L to H
    So not the most useful in the world except to tell me if its well already too late or I need Fuel.

    So please make suggestion and tell me anything you have to add.
  2. MrAwesome987

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    I went with the saleen 2 gauge pod when I added a blower to my car. As for the gauges, I added an Autometer wideband and boost gauge.

    (Picture is not of my car, and is not the gauges I went with*)

    mump_060600_sal_10_z+2006_saleen_s281_mustang+gauges (1).jpg
  3. c0op3r

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    Did you have to drill a hole in the dash for wiring and mounting with that kit?
  4. MrAwesome987

    MrAwesome987 forum member

    Yep. You'll have to with any on dash pod.
  5. JJ427R

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    I installed the Ford Boss 302 pod with Autometer Phantom II gauges, white during day to match my Roush gauges but turn charcoal at night.
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  6. stkjock

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  7. tjm73

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    I'd want boost/vac, mechanical oil pressure and mechanical coolant temp.

    If boost spikes that's an issue. If oil pressure plummets that's an issue. If coolant climbs too high that could be bad. Mechanical gauges let you see what's really happening at any given moment.
  8. JeremyH

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    Out of the 5 gauges I added. Fuel and oil pressure have been the most valuable and are the most useful.
  9. Vallee

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  10. JJ427R

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    I have the Roush Vent pod for my boost gauge. I chose trans temp vs IAT as I have an automatic and overheat my trans when running on track, and yes I do have a B&M trans cooler and auto trans because I drive with hand controls. For trans temp you need a sensor installed at the pan(I have the larger Performance Automatic Pan). I had my mechanic install so not sure on sensor he used, I could find out though...

    I also installed red bulb covers to match my red color on internal lighting, also put em' on Roush vent pod. https://www.summitracing.com/search?SortBy=BestKeywordMatch&SortOrder=Ascending&keyword=red autometer bulb covers
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  11. fdjizm

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    I use the SOS pillar pod, I'm NA of course but I have an AEM UEGO wideband, fuel pressure and VAC gauge. I also use the aeroforce interceptor in an AC vent where I can see a bunch of info from intake temp to coolant/cyl head temp and I set up warning lights if they pass a threshhold. Plugs right into the OBD II port. I think the center gauges look good on the dash, may go that route one day.
  12. JJ427R

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    Cool thing about the 18 stang I got not long ago, with the PP1 pkg and the Track Apps, it has all those gauges included. 2 center console gauges are Vacuum/Boost and Oil Pressure. Then in apps section it has Air/Fuel Ratio, Axle Oil Temp, Boost/Vacuum, Cylinder Head Temp, Inlet Air Temp, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, and Trans Oil Temp.
    Then under track apps you have Accelerometer (g-force meter), Acceleration Timer, Brake Performance, Line Lock, Lap Timer, and Launch Control RPM, I have not dug into these much yet, but need to experiment with them soon before I hit Road America in July.

    Today it was 92 and humid here, at 60 mph with my ac running Air Fuel was between 13.9 and 14.3, Cylinder head temp was 197-201, Air inlet temp was 95, Oil temp normal.... all controlled with buttons on the wheel.....:)
  13. c0op3r

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    Yeah my Buddy has a 18 with all the track options, you are right it is very neat setup.
  14. c0op3r

    c0op3r Member

    Yeah I would love to install the Wideband in the car (and I may) I have an Innovative (I think it is) that has been sitting in the box for years. I may get vent gauge for that as it would not match the others.
  15. 08MustangDude

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    I run TORQUE PRO on my 7" Android radio for live gauges on
    the screen. I still think that autometer gauge pod is a great
  16. EBABlacknChrome

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    I went speed of sound (SOS) with Speed Hut gauges. A/F gauge is speed huts with the innovative LC1 controller. Bought the DB series because its cheaper than buying the LC1 controller itself plus the sensor. Boost and oil pressure are speed huts as well. They will pair it all up so it works with existing dash lighting or standalone. They provide the inverter, fuse tap needed for the LED lighting. I use velcro sticky strips (soft side) to insert them. They fit very snug in there after that. All three companies are great to work with. Now I still need to finish my install when I have time. I have pics of the whole setup in pieces if you want to see what you get. 20190608_130016.jpg
  17. 07 Boss

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    Being boosted I would think fuel pressure and wide-band would be the most important gauges. Oil and manifold pressure would be the second. Temp is not that important to me as my car never reads even half way on the factory gauge. It has always run cooler with my Meziere pump. Anyways, I also went with the Autometer 3-gauge pod. It's OK. Fit and finish needed a little massaging but it wasn't difficult. I went with the Elite gauges too. Pretty nice but pricey.


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  18. golkhl

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    Aeroforce interceptor gauge in a Roush vent pod.
  19. 1950StangJump$

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    I agree with above that the wideband is very important. I didn’t have it at first but, when I did, I quickly found one of my tunes was lean at WOT.

    Running a wideband sensor to the Aeroforce was my choice. Allowed me to see a host of other things too. Put an oil pressure and a boost gauge to either side of it.

    Mounted in an Autometer pod. Ignore the crazy values in the pic - that was taken when I first installed and hooked up but before I calibrated everything.

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  20. Shotokan1509

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    What are people's thoughts on running Aeroforce interceptor(s) rather than stand alone gauges? I'd rather not go overboard and look like plane cockpit. Are there other options similar to the aerforces, nGauge is intriguing but Lito doesn't tune with it so would only be gauge.

    Is this general order of most important at top for boosted vehicle?
    Fuel pressure
    Oil pressure
    boost gauge
    coolant temp

    not sure how many sensors each gauge can take

    Also anyone been so unhappy with pillar vs center dash gauges that they've actually swapped? I think I'd prefer autometer center dash style setup but sounds like pillar particularly the SOS is easiest/cleanest install.

    edit: so are the obd temps for IAT & coolant accurate (05-09's) on the aeroforce even though the dash gauges are mostly dumbies? and for that matter does it do fuel or oil pressure? Trying to see how many sensors would have to be added on to aeroforces
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