Are black wheels still "in"?

Discussion in 'Pimpin' It!' started by wusthof, Jan 5, 2021.

Color of wheels to powdercoat

  1. Satin/semi black

  2. Gloss black

  3. Anthracite

  4. Black with a red flake

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  1. Charly

    Charly Junior Member

    FR Low.JPG
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  2. eighty6gt

    eighty6gt forum member

    black wheels have always been terrible
  3. -cyclops-

    -cyclops- Member

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  4. xeninworx

    xeninworx Member

    Sure. My winter wheels are black because that’s the only colour they came in. Needed winter wheels that can fit over 4 piston Brembos that I’ll be installing in the summer. Got a great deal on the wheels. I like the design. Not a fan of black wheels on a silver car but I like the look. I wished they’d come in gunmetal or even silver.
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  5. edw794

    edw794 Junior Member

    20200919_183047.jpg Black Shelby 20" wheels.
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  6. JJDAG

    JJDAG forum member

    I’m a fan of the only one that has to like my car is me! I’m not a huge fan of black wheels but then again I grew up with chrome and polished aluminum I prefer my stock wheels only because they remind me of the hurst wheels used in the 60s. Again make you happy don’t worry about what the next guy thinks no matter some will like what you do some won’t. It would suck if all the cars were the same, just sayin
  7. wusthof

    wusthof forum member

    Oh yea guys I get it!! I will do what I want to do wether its black, grey or ??? Just looking for peoples opinions if my car would look nicer with gloss black or just as nice with anthracite wheels etc.. thx a bunch.....keep it going if ya want. Think I'm gunna go with the gloss black. Unfortunately, I need tires as well! Now my big decision is if I change my 285/30s to a 285/35 or a 295/30. I've read on here that some people regret going with the 305s.
    20x10 et40
  8. Norm Peterson

    Norm Peterson corner barstool sitter

    On 10" wide wheels, I wouldn't go wider than 285/xx.

  9. wusthof

    wusthof forum member

    From the price checking I've done on the Indy 500s the 35 sidewall is cheaper by a lot for some reason. I'm lowered on a prokit, but I can't see having a "bit" taller sidewall being an issue
  10. wusthof

    wusthof forum member

    I had in my mind they were 10.5s but just took em off today @10". The only way I'd go with a 305 is if they were the narrower Nittos. I have a wtb ad on marketplace and cl for tires, but if new, my heart is set on the Indys (bang 4 buck factor).
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  11. loknload

    loknload Junior Member

    Flat black wheels seem to fit best with the overall look of my car, but, do what looks best to you. 20201224_140334.jpg
  12. mike maloney

    mike maloney Member

    im old school,i like the gunmetal on the premium trackpack wheels and chrome or polished aluminum. when i see black rims on cars all i think of are the cars in the first ROBOCOP movie. i know things change though.
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  13. xxsurvivalism

    xxsurvivalism Junior Member

    Black wheels will always be in.
    I have XXR 521 20x10.5 squared with 275/35ZR20's on the way. Black with black rivets.

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