Mustang convertible water leaks trunk quarter panels etc...

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    My passenger side rear quarter panel holds water and drains slowly. It sloshes around as I drive which is very annoying. I did put a shop vac down there to try and clear out the water and debris. I then sprayed in more water, but it doesn't drain properly. I tested the driver side and it drains immediately. I've read multiple 9 and 10 page threads on the quarter holding water but no real resolution or fix for the drain issues. To be clear mine is not getting in through the wheel well driving. It's getting in just sitting still. Has anyone figured out a way to keep the drains clear? Or an alternative solution so keep the water from sitting in there? Also, is it a design function that's normal for the vert? If so, I'd assume the rust proofed that area? Luckily it's not getting inside the car (other than the trunk)

    The other place water is getting in is through the trunk. I'll post two pics. The water seems to be entering through a hole that's under the convertible top its a big circle with white fabric above it. It's not part of the trunk lid, but the actual body under the rear glass/top. If I push on the fabric water drops in because it's soaked. Is a grommet supposed to be there?? It seems to running down the channel where the wrapped wire is and runs through that channel and pools. Up under the spare. Has anyone had this issue and found a fix??

    1. is the convertible in fact designed to drain water through the rear quarter panel?
    2. If so is it coated to be rust proof and is there a solution to keep the drains clear?
    3. Is there a fix for water getting in through the trunk in the hole just below the convertible top?

    Again I've read multiple threads about water leaks, but with very little resolution to the problem...



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    There is a rubber grommet and hole located at the bottom of the section that holds the rear window. Check for blockage and remove the grommet if it is still there. I believe there was a thread about this at some point. May have been a different forum though.
  3. Xkairos_hxc

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    Yeah I vacuumed the area around the grommet to free it from any blockage. I've heard of removing the grommet from the doors, but not the quarter panel. But I'm open to trying it!
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    Get under the car too, and look for the spot where the jack point is. There is a hole in the middle,
    if this is not it, about 2 in behind that is a small 1 in wide by 1/2 slot, that is the drain hole, stick a
    flat head screwdriver up the slot to clear it.


    They're still the same S197 Chassis to 2014
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    Yes where that guy stuck a metal rod. I stuck a shop vac in and sucked out all the water and a much debris as I could. Still won't drain properly though. I'll try the flat head ,but is there a permanent fix for this how about the trunk?