S197 2.3 Ecoboost?

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    The question is whether a Barra I6 would fit inside the S197 engine bay and leave enough room to spare at the front without hitting the fan. It's a long engine and at best it would be very tight.
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    The 11+ 3.7 V6 stangs all got a 7.5" rear end. Did the 4.0 V6 in the 05-10 V6 get a 7.5" rear end....or a 8.8" ??? The oem 2 piece DS in the 11+ V6 cars explodes > 115 mph.

    Any perceived eng conversion is gonna end up costing one helluva lot more $$.
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    The 05 4.0 I had had a 7.5", and it had a single piece DS. It didn't explode at 115 mph, I speak from multiple experiences LOL
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    I'm pretty sure all Mustangs got the 8.8 starting in '11. Now I gotta go look it up.....

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    OP has a 2010 4.0L V6.......comes with a 7.5" rear end + 28 spline axles..... that entire mess would have to be replaced..... with a new 8.8" rear end... + 31 spline axles. Done right, the junk oem LSD has to replaced with either a Eaton tru-trac ...... or the HD tru-trac, (which requires 33 spline axles). Then an adjustable PHB + brace... or better yet, a WL watts link. The oem 2 piece steel DS
    should be replaced with a DSS-DS.

    The brakes on the V6 leave a lot to be desired.

    Doesn't matter which way you look at it..... the entire project would not be cost effective..... and still not worth much...2-3 yrs down the rd. It's either a labor of love....or a love of labor.
  6. tjm73

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    I know that. But you also said...

    When they did not. They got 8.8's. Same as the GT's. All I was doing was correcting this small error.
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    Oh yes it does, check out the YouTube videos with Barras in the S197. I posted two
    videos on Facebook in one of the mustang groups. They fit, there is a KIT for them.
    I found one of them:

    WHY people like the Barra:

    I forgot about that overboost feature...
    600HP from a stock bottom end.

    If I had the money, I'd do it for the originality. I know there is a bell housing
    adapter for the manual trans, and an ECU wiring kit for the S197s.

    Australia is supposed to get an Ecoboost version for the Mustang there.
    The Barra cops a major upgrade courtesy of a cash injection from Ford USA – and led by Aussie engineers.
    Costs are amortised over a global product and the engine could even slot into pick-ups in the Land of the Free.

    But, aha, Ford is easily able to cook-up even hotter versions for the Aussie, US and all other overseas
    markets. An F6-equivalent variant pumps out a GT350-scaring 370kW and 670Nm. In Oz, we’re talking $65Kstarting price and 0-100km/h in the mid fours. Carbonfibre wheels made in Geelong an option, just an
    expensive one.

    The more affordable Barra-powered Mustang is a huge hit not just in Australia but in the States, the factory
    producing the engine is almost unable to keep up with demand.
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    They all got the 8.8" starting in 2011, but they all didn't get the same driveshaft/flange. The
    flange on some of them (later models?) work on the 4.0 V6 8.8" conversion with one piece
    shaft. I was told that... The OE V6 shaft is basically one piece with a slip yoke anyway...

    The GT's two piece fails at the carrier bearing. The V6 doesn't have that issue with its
    basically a one piece shaft. It has a slip-yoke, but it's not as close to the rear yoke as
    it should be. However, the V6 shaft will twist, or blow U-joints under V8 torque eventually.
    The splines may also strip, who knows.