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    If your joists are running the 8 ft direction use 2x8. It’s better to notch(seat cut) your posts but you’d want to use a 6x6 to do that. With a 4x4 and tree fort you would probably be fine just lagging your band to the 4x4 w/3/8 lags or carriage bolts if you like and bolting some solid blocking under them.the 16’ span will need posts on the corners and 2 more on the span (total of 4) so, when it’s all done 10 posts. You could make your band out of 2x8 and joists 2x6 running 8’ direction and just nail a 2x2 under the 2x6 as a ledger, nice and easy!
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    Thank you for the input. I had thought maybe a 6x6 for the corner posts would be better and still go 4x4 for the other posts. I could just set the rim band on top of those and use brackets there. I would be running my joists the 8' direction for the sake of simplicity.

    Here's my sketch of what I am planning. They are pretty light, sorry. post cut.jpg side.jpg
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    Check with your HOA and/or county before you start to ensure you don't have any codes/restrictions with building the tree fort. A neighbor built one and had to tear it down since it wasn't within the county codes for placement, height and sq/ft.
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    Lowe's brought the lumber Saturday.

    After an afternoon's work.
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    Day 2. Safety is very important.

    Since I was doing a good bit by myself, I attached a scrap of plywood to the bottom of the rim and set the joist on it while I hung the joist hangers. I am sure that I didn't come up with this before anyone else.

    The kids are hard on bits. I think they think the grinding sound means they are working harder.

    Don't tell the wife this whole thing is a ruse to get to buy some new tools.
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    Aren’t all projects; home and auto ?
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    People talk crap about Craftsman power tools, but this thing is STOUT. If I did this stuff for a living I probably would go with Dewalt or Milwaukee, but for home use I love these things. Everything done on this project so far has been done with this. Other than digging post holes. The lag bolts were done with it too. I went behind with a ratchet to get them sunk into the wood, but it dang near twisted my arm off driving them in. The recip saw works great too. Gets a tad hotter than I like, but ripped through the 6x6 posts pretty easily. And with a 10 year old blade on it because I can't find my new one.
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    Great job/start on the fort, but can't agree w/Craftsman tools...their quality went to crap in the 90's. Most of my power now comes from Hitachi and/or Milwaukee.