What have you done to your house today

Discussion in 'Home Improvement' started by Infamous05, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. oldVOR

    oldVOR forum member

    Don't forget the deck is gone and accidentally walk out the sliding door one evening!
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  2. nfrizell

    nfrizell Member

    Fencing for me[​IMG]

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  3. 86GT351

    86GT351 forum member

    I like the Round Concrete base idea.
  4. 86GT351

    86GT351 forum member

    Do you know Gabe that well? LOL!
  5. Gabe

    Gabe Whippled Coyote

    LMAO. I put up a small sticker to remind us.
    I'm sure that's all we need :lol:

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  6. 86GT351

    86GT351 forum member

    That is only as good as the amount of Alcohol consumed!
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  7. Gabe

    Gabe Whippled Coyote

    Well, the new deck is almost complete, just needs some railing and a paver base to step down onto.
    We went from 5'10" deep to 9'3", pretty much the same overall width, went from 15'10" to 15'9".
    Love it, it's super solid. The sunroom has a 1-foot overhang, the ledger board is attached to the house under that overhang, all the joists are notched and under that overhang, and there's all kinds of bracing under it. The step stringers have extra bracing on the inside and extra blocking in-between all 4 stringers, another super-solid item.
    Abso-fuckin-lutely love it. Can't wait to get the railing up. Doing a cable system, just need to decide final details.

    First pic is the old thing.

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  8. AndrewNagle

    AndrewNagle forum member

    Nice job way better looking
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  9. EBABlacknChrome

    EBABlacknChrome forum member

    Looks good @Gabe! If you would like some pointer on that cable detail, let me know we do a lot of them. I am building our deck right now also and its to have cable rail with wood (IPE) post. I have several different detailed drawing for spacing, layout in metal or would post. Top hat cables are pricy but great stuff.

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  10. Badd GT

    Badd GT forum member

    Standard “rule of thumb” whatever you have cantilevering past your beam/girder, you should have 3 times that in the other side. Ie. If you have a 2 foot cantilever past your beam, you should have 6 feet minimum of joist on the other side. Your beam/ girder looks to be approximately in the midpoint of your joist span. I know you have a few diagonals but you might want to consider putting a few posts out across the end before you run your rails. It will be a bitch to jack up and make right after the fact if it settles. I know you like “your shit” nice, just sayin’
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  11. Gabe

    Gabe Whippled Coyote

    Thank you!

    Thanks. We're looking into Atlantis Rail systems, and also options from the local HD/Lowe's which would not be cable systems.
    Most likely gonna end up with a horizontally-laid cable system. Looking at thin posts whenever possible, but the top corner at the top-right of the steps is gonna be a little bit of a challenge due to the little jog right there, will probably need to do 4x4 posts.

    Thanks for the thoughts. The inner ends of the joists are under the 1-foot overhang of the house. I think we could have 30 people sitting on the outer end and nothing will happen. The thing is all screwed together, not a nail in sight, all GRK hardware, and built overly strong. We didn't notice any difference after installing the diagonal supports, they're mostly for looks. All 2x8 and 2x10 beams/joists. Even the stairs got extra stiffening. The framing was created and put together by my brother-in-law which is a contractor. He knows I like stuff overbuilt. This deck is overbuilt.

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  12. stkjock

    stkjock ---- Madmin ---- Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator S197 Team Member

    Got the in-ground sprinklers turned on and only had one bad head.
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