Whipple 4.0L Dyno Results on the Lethal Performance 2010 GT500

Discussion in '2007+ Mustang GT500 Tech' started by [email protected], Nov 13, 2009.

  1. windsorcobra

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    Is it going to the track tommorrow?
  2. Jared@Lethal

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    If it doesn't rain tomorrow she's going to the track.
  3. windsorcobra

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    Oh nelly. I'll be watching on FB
  4. KennyG1

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    I will try to provide you with some additional insight into Whipple 4.0 vs KB 2.8:
    Firstly, they are not in the same category, to properly compare you would have to use the KB 3.6L which offers nearly the same displacement and, resulting power.
    I am new to the S197 group however, I have a serious amount of experience with Whipple blowers and how the 2.9 & 4.0 compare to the KB close versions as I have ran both on a stock block, the 2.9 with stock cams as well as with Stage 3 Crower Cams. I then placed the 4.0L onto the stock block with those cams.
    Fast forward I went to a sleeved pro-built 5.8L block using L&M Cams.
    The car has a Triple Hat Fore Return System, Methanol for street tune and, also has a single stage nos for race fuel.
    What I would like to say regarding the 4.0L Whipple that I have not noticed mentioned is this:
    The 4.0 is not nearly as efficicent as any of the newer designed blowers eg 3.0/3.8 Gen 5 Whipples or say 2.65R WMP. That said, the 4.0 has a huge parasitic loss which hits a wall at approx. 21-22 lbs boost. To get beyond that loss/steal and move into its most efficient range, you have to pulley it up to 25-30lbs where you will definitely see where it gives you big results. Certainly do not compare with the 2.8 KB as Kenny Belle built that blower to compete with the Gen 1-2 2.9 Whipple.

    Thanks, hope this helps somewhat. I didn't post dyno numbers as that opens up a whold differenct discussion. Only wanted to weigh in on where the 4.0 is challenged and where it is built to perform at.
    I will say that I am over 900 whp on pump gas with 18 lbs boost. If I want to go big, it means pulleying up to the high boost levels where you have surpassed the biggest occurance of parasitic loss. At that higher boost level, every lb results in the increased power you would expect of a bigger blower. Just make sure you are handling the heat it makes at that level!
  5. stkjock

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    10 year old thread? What prompts this revival?
  6. gbstang

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    I think the Kenne Bell Mammoth is just plain awful!!!

    Until I open the hood, or hit the gas--your choice ;)
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