Lifting at high speed

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    This interests me. My car at any speed over eighty gets squirrelly and tracks right. Freeways make me pucker. Hard launch from a standing start it's straight until eighty. Makes me wonder if I may need some aero aid. I pulled the rock guard to replace it and looked, everything is awesome suspension wise. So I wondered if it was just lift. Only damage at all was to my block heater extension.
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    For what it’s worth, the 1st gen SuperSnake or KR used the V-6 rear spoiler because in testing Shelby discovered it generated more downforce than either the GT500 or Mustang pedestal spoiler.
    It was stated on their Shelby Store website several years ago.
    Go figure lol
    Edit: found the link

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    I like how I redesigned and built a front spoiler for my '08, to find Ford did it in 2010. I guess I was on the right track. Going to add that rear piece!

    front spoiler.png
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    I doubt that's an aero issue. I'd be looking at tires or triple checking alignment. That's a really "low" speed to be feeling squirrelly. It could also be a hub bearing issue. But 80 around here is freeway speed. Never had an issue with our 06 feeling unstable at that speed.
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    Correction, the car does not feel unstable at any speed. My hood moves and I am afraid that it will give up at high speed without the hood pins. The hood starts to lift/move at 70, not the car. I didn't know that it should have a lower cover because when I bought it, it had been removed. It has vents in it and I think that is the only thing keeping it together now. I'm not confident in carbon fiber. It is not as strong as I thought it would be.
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    Did you mean to quote me? Because my response was for another member. I think you might have selected the wrong post.
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    No, sorry. I screwed that one up.
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    Ok. I read through it a couple times thinking I missed something.
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    I'll take a look more at the 2012 nose. I swapped out the actual plastic hoot vents for more open aluminum ones from TrueForged when they still made them. I've also removed the rubber strip from the underside of the back of the hood to let the air pass through and out at the bottom of the windshield. Those were done more to get heat out of the engine when I ran a pulley but stuck with them after I put in the Ford Racing 2.9 supercharger kit. I didn't give a lot of thought to the areo part of those changes more than getting heat out.
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