My cheap as dirt Coyote swap.. 06 GT 500 to the wheels for $5000

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    I love the look of the 07 GT500 but did not want a supercharged car because I do a lot of open track. So here is the base run down for under $5000.00 for 500RWHP
    the cost so far in what I have actually paid.

    Gen 2 f150 Coyote long block $250.00
    Short block rebuild (rings,bearings) $800.00
    14 Engine,Tranny and Fuse harness $500.00
    with pedal & EEC
    18 GT Intake Manifold $200
    JBA long tubes $300
    CNC porting on heads $1000.00
    Ford Motorsport forged crank gear $30.00
    Boundry oilpump $200.00
    Rails, injectors and coil packs $150.00
    Boss 302 Cams from ford Shipped $445.00
    EPASS Rack $200

    Selling current good 3v and its harness for -$1500.00 (bonus money for additional options)

    Keeping the 5 speed because the 6 speed breaks and it's lighter, running gen 1 AC compressor, and EPASS so no weird expensive brackets.

    More to come.....
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