Sparco evo 3. What did you use to mount it?

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  1. white86hatch

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    I'm very close to pulling the trigger on my seat but I'm trying to find the best mounting solution. I'll be using a sparco evo 3, sparco side mounts, and a recaro slider sourced from csamsh. My question is which seat base works best and requires the least amount of modification to work?
  2. mitch

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    I had the exact setup in my 2000 GT.
    Evo 3, Side mounts and I used the brackets from Wedge Engineering.
    Was very happy with them, fit perfect, no issues..
    I would get the "Double locking Sliders" as an option as well.
    Customer service was very good. They had a question about my seats and actually picked up the phone and called me personally, rather than just email.

    Good luck
  3. DTL

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    Planted seat brackets are pretty tough and fit well. They aren't cheap though. I've seen people make their own, if you're a decent fabricator.
  4. Mark Aubele

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    I have the planted bracket in my '14. Couldn't get it low enough with sliders so I removed them. I like to sit very low though.
  5. csamsh

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    I doubt those OMP mounts would get you low enough if you want a slider without any modification.

    Handy picture

  6. JesseR916

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    hey guys, I'm buying a Sparco Evo 3 seat and need a proper base bracket. Sliders would be nice to have but I'm trying to be as low as possible. What's the best low profile base bracket if I do a fixed position? Thanks!
  7. Speedboosted

    Speedboosted Found missing cylinders

    Just spend the money and get a Planted bracket. I bought one in person and they showed me around a little, very nice piece and great facility. It was $85 if I remember correctly but worth it with a perfect fit. I used it to side mount a Sparco Pro2000 without a slider and it's great.
  8. JesseR916

    JesseR916 Junior Member

    Yea it's down to Planted and Wedge. How's the height on your seat compared to stock height?
  9. mrfatride

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  10. Speedboosted

    Speedboosted Found missing cylinders

    Roughly the same, maybe lower. Both the stock seat and the Sparco could be set lower
  11. JesseR916

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    talked to a sales guy at Planted. He said they make the base bracket for sparco. So Plated and Sparco are esses=ntially the same and have the same seat base height. The sparco one is known to be just as high as OEM height with a sparco evo III seat. I'm going with Wedge base bracket. I'll let you guys know how it works out soon!
  12. QuickShift281

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    I dont run Evo 3's, I run Sparco Sprints. On the driver side I run all Sparco hardware. Steel side mounts (rather than the aluminum option to maintain weight rules for AX Class), Sparco Sliders and Sparco seat base. With the sliders in place I have the seat set in the lowest set of holes in the side mounts. I love where it sits (Im about 5'7").

    Side Mount PN; 004902
    Seat Base; 600SB039L (driver) 600SB039R (passenger)
    Sliders; 00493

    On the passenger side I still run a Sprint with Sparco hardware. I just don't run a slider. I simply put my tallest friend in the seat and placed it from there. I give a ton of ride alongs and haven't had any complaints.

    If you are the only one who ever drives your car, I could see how you could use the Sparco mounts and not run sliders on the driver side. They have a TON of adjustment.