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Discussion in 'Drag Racing Tech Discussion & Timeslips' started by 2010S197, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. 2010S197

    2010S197 Junior Member

    I drive 2010 gt, 5r55. The car dead hooks out of the hole either leaving from idle or power brake @ 2k rpm. I’m thinking the stock converter is holding me back. Is the TCI 3000 rpm stall sufficient for a low power na build. Or do I drop the bid bucks on a circle D ( they recommend a 3500 stall). Also is the hardened input shaft needed for my build, no plans for a power added. Goal is solid and repeatable 12s. Currently car is very consistent 1.9 60’, 13.0-13.2, DA has been 3000-3900 ft this summer with the heat and humidity.

    Mods are as follows

    08 intake with CMDP
    4.10 steeda
    ET streets on 16” v6 wheels
    Brenspeed 93 tune

  2. 2010S197

    2010S197 Junior Member

    Sorry double post
  3. RED09GT

    RED09GT Senior Member S197 Team Member

    With mild mods, I'd contact some of the converter companies to see if they can re-work a stock converter.
    Circle D offered this a few years back.

    GERMANSHEPERD forum member

    Bolt-ons, Comp Stage 2 cams, ported heads on a 281 a TCI 3000 put Me 12.11 back in 2009 when I ran at E-Town.
    TCI 3000 is a great bolt-on street converter that almost put me in the 11s in NJ and 12.2-12.3 here in Ohio.
  5. Hawgman

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    You might also consider a Precision Industries converter. I have a PI Stallion triple disk 3800 stall converter in my car and love it. Granted, my build is considerably different from yours. But their converters are great
  6. 2010S197

    2010S197 Junior Member

    from all my searching online it seems PI or. Circle D are the best choices. I miss the days of active vehicle specific forums FB and social media group pages are a poor replacement.
  7. 07 Boss

    07 Boss Senior Member


    Great choices I have a PI triple disc, but I'm not sure you need to spend the cash on one of those at your power levels. For half the price you can get one that works well. TCI is not my first choice but for basically a stockish type unit I wouldn't hesitate to use them. For a car that is mainly street driven with a few passes a year I would choose my stall speed to about 500 rpm's below your peak torque rpm.
  8. jam07GT

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    When factoring in DA and you running a 93 tune and I run a 91 tune, we run pretty similar times (my mph is 84.6 in 5000 DA). From what I have read the stock converter is a weak link and the input shaft. I have the TCI 3000 and hardened input shaft. It worked fine, before my trans started slipping or whatever. But if I were you I'd go 4k. An NA car needs converter. What's the difference between 3K and 4k, really. It's going to be soft anyway when you are just driving around town, which is usually below 3k and the converter locks up on the interstate. We both run 1.9 60s, and I think it's hard to get lower than that without a higher stall speed when you have as little power as we do.

    My 5r55s started slipping after about 40 1/8 mile runs or so. At first it would snap your neck on every shift, then it got softer and softer, and my times went from 8.42 to 8.6x, to 8.8x etc. and once in a while the transmission light will come on and DTC P0745 (pressure control solenoid A circuit malfunction). Changed the fluid and all that, and it made no difference.

    Anyway, that's my experience with this transmission. I daily drive my car now, not racing it, and it runs fine just cruising around, and I haven't gotten the code in awhile but it will pop up from time to time.
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