Bama X4 tuner help

Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by theRedStorm, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. theRedStorm

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    Figured out my issues. Just reflashed the tune twice and it worked. So far everything is solid. Just currently having issues with unstable idle. Drops from 740 to 500ish with the ac and keeps bouncing up and down. Can't seem to stabilize
  2. redfirepearlgt

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    Verify cleanliness of TB and MAF. Then take it for a drive. Adaptive learning may need to take effect. Make sure you make part of the drive with AC on. Then when you return if it is still "hunting" (term for a PID loop of any type that is failing to maintain set point) and have them revise the idle. You will need to datalog the points they ask for obviously while idling and doing this so they can see exactly where they wish to make corrections. Otherwise they will simply revise on a best guess and hope it hits the mark. They may do this anyway.
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  3. 46addict

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    edit: Never mind. Saw that the issue is resolved.
  4. Michael Zeda

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    when you say wouldnt start , how many times did you try to crank it? i notice mine never starts on the first kick when I have loaded it tune. always takes a second turn of the key
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  5. theRedStorm

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    Yea it started the 3rd crank time for me!!
  6. theRedStorm

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    Hey ,could one of you guys upload your gauge config file for the sct x4 for 05-09 mustang gt? I keep getting an error with mine but I don't know what I have selected on the livewire program to cause this error ! I just need a config file that I can use on the X4 by itself (no laptop)
  7. Juice

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    Bama didn't impress me. Infact, the preloaded Diablo tune was noticeably better than the Bama tune. Nothing drastic mind you, both ran good and without issues and better than stock. But I got better mpg with the preloaded "canned" tunes vs Bama. I just felt the overall "personality" of the car was best with the canned tune. This was with the 4.0, dual conversion, and K&N filter.

    There is really only so much a tune can do to a stock vehicle. Gain a few HP maybe, better throttle response are about it. To get more power, you need more AIR. A tune cannot add air, only dial in fuel and timing.
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  8. theRedStorm

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    I actually am running a canned tune from SCT on my mustang. I also want to get a dyno tune but that'll be down the road
  9. 1950StangJump$

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    I would theorize that the canned tunes feel better and get better MPG because they run so much leaner. Question would be whether they are as safe.
  10. stkjock

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    been a while, however, IIRC, canned tunes tend to run richer than custom tunes, for the fact to stay safe