Best deal on driveshaft safety loop

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    Hello, just seeing if anyone has a good hookup on a driveshaft safety loop for a 12 GT. So far I have a AM discount from while back and maybe even a LMR saved somewhere, just seeing if there is anything else out there yall know about to save a few bucks. Most likely going BMR as I have some of their parts already. Thanks!
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    Stick with BMR.
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    I have the BMR rear safety loop...which bolts to the mating BMR rear tunnel brace. The 2" deep loop is 1/4" thick, nhra approved...and is adjustable from side to side. It easily clears my 3.5" OD DSS-DS, when car is on a 4 post lift, and rear suspension is at full droop. This is on my 2010 auto. 2010-2012 are the same body style of course, but the 11-12 have the newer drive train. The BMR rear tunnel brace (which consists of 1/4" thick plate) is a simple bolt in affair, along with the optional mating safety loop. I got em in red, just so stuff is easily color coded, and stands out.

    The BMR rear loop is located just aft of the oem center bearing, used on the oem 2 piece DS. IF the 1 piece aluminum DS broke off at the tranny end, the rear loop would captivate it, so I didn't bother with the front loop, but track rules will ultimately apply.
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