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Discussion in 'Mustang Chit Chat' started by Enfield, Apr 8, 2021.

  1. RED09GT

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    I did the Steeda spherical bearing on the axle housing after tearing my stock bushing up. I have it paired with a BMR adjustable upper with a poly bushing at the chassis side and Steeda Chromoly lowers with whatever bushings they come with from Steeda-they market their bushings as exclusive to them and they are more compliant than the bushing in my BMR UCA or my BMR sway bar.

    The rear of the car does feel more like it can rotate more freely, and not hitting that point where everything goes stiff due to bind at the speeds that I am comfortable with in a corner. But more importantly for me, the car goes straight at the dragstrip.
  2. Juice

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    Im good now, that search reminded me of one reason I chose to keep OEM LCAs.
  3. DieHarder

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    In an effort to avoid the bind issue I opted for J&M UCA. It appeared to offer the best compromise and I've found the car does rather well dealing with any kind of on/off roll center handling issues. The quality of the part has also been excellent and I changed out the rubber in the axle housing with poly. Still quiet and handles very well.
  4. Enfield

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  5. 06 T-RED S/C GT

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    As long as it's either synthetic or marine grade, yes!
  6. Midlife Crises

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    Most poly bushing manufactures recommend silicone based grease. Other greases containing petroleum can cause the bushing to crack and come apart. Many marine greases are lithium and or moly mixed with petroleum and I avoid them around polymers.
  7. Racer47

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