What have you done to your mustang today?

Discussion in 'Mustang Chit Chat' started by *JZ*, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Sactown

    Sactown Sactown

    I started mine the other day, fired right up
  2. bunits19714

    bunits19714 forum member

    Kooks black cat back was discontinued- the place in FL I ordered it from said the stainless would take 6 weeks- so I canceled my order and went with the black pypes bomb with resonator tips- wasn't expecting much because pypes is middle to lower quality( In my eyes had a off road x back in 14') Pluses- system looks nice, fitted nice, sounds great - to me the car seems so quiet compared to what I was running previous- now the negative- shorted me 2 clamps- and mislabeled the ota ppipes with left / right stickers- fought with trying to place the right one in the left side for 45 minutes. Once I said [email protected]#$ it and tried the other one bam fit great. it is actually a joy to drive the car again- Softened the suspension from drag setting to cruising and man what a difference on these shitty MI roads. Also mounted up some new bologna's of the 325/50/15 nitto variety for summer cruising-( pros are my first track choice)- man what a difference the fresh balance job made- driving the car home today was the nicest driving experience for me with this car in a long time. Almost didn't bother me that the car just got rained on- almost....
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  3. Gabe

    Gabe Whippled Coyote

    Changed the oil in the Whipple yesterday.
    Original Whipple oil, about 5 years old now, about 27k miles on it.
    Old and new:


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  4. Dino Dino Bambino

    Dino Dino Bambino I have a red car

    Had my front control arms refurbished with new Energy Suspension red polyurethane bushings & Moog ball joints. The old rubber bushings were in good condition but despite that, replacing them noticeably sharpened the steering response and it feels practically go kart like. I love it. The only downside is a slight increase in road noise but I can happily live with that.
    Last week I had the rear panhard bar bushings replaced with Energy Suspension red polyurethane units.

    Front Control Arm.jpg
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  5. MilehighGS

    MilehighGS Junior Member

    BMR K member with lower control arms and new front wheel hubs/bearings

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  6. jewc75

    jewc75 Cant Stop, Wont Stop

    Washed it after 2 years of sitting on a lift.
  7. travelers

    travelers Senior Member

    I have a new VMP triple pass HE sitting in my living room (not married haha) which I'll try and get in by the weekend. Weather is coming in starting tomorrow evening and lasting till Thursday some time. That should get my IATs down.
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  8. skwerl

    skwerl tree hugger

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  9. fdjizm

    fdjizm Drag Queen

    Made me one of them sealed intake boxes for the "cold air".



    Before and after..
    Little ghetto but I think it's a cleaner look. You can see even with the fatter foam on the C&L box it still wasn't getting sealed with the hood (only on the part that is mashed a bit)
    I can always change the lid to some nicer material now that I have the template.



    Have a 2.5" flexible vacuum hose running from the bottom of the front bumper to the airbox.
    So it gets air pushed in from down in the front and then the swiss cheesed bullitt grille.
    Hopefully not eating as much hot engine air.

    Sponsored by home depot.
  10. NoviBlownGT

    NoviBlownGT Boosted Crew


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  11. ghunt81

    ghunt81 New parts on old junk! S197 Team Member

    I wanted to route my CAI so that the filter was down in the fenderwell (used to do that on my old Fox-chassis cars) but I'd have to cut a hole in the inner fender and didn't really want to do that. So, oh well.
  12. fdjizm

    fdjizm Drag Queen

    Final revision of the less ghetto airbox lid! and a video of the fan working...

    This is the most powerful 12v DC 120mm server fan made, pushes 252cfm at 7k rpm!
    I have some holes in the fender liner where it pulls cool air from, sits right in the fender well.

    Results, goes from 107 to 89 in about a minute.
    This bitch also pulls almost 5 amps! might throw a fuse between it and the battery (wired it directly).
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  13. travelers

    travelers Senior Member

    A fuse would be a good idea. How about some pics of it's placement. It sounds like a small jet engine starting. That's a nice drop in temp, Congrats
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  14. fdjizm

    fdjizm Drag Queen

    Sure, here is where it sits right behind the headlight in the fender well, tight fit in there but mounted it diagonally so it's flat with the fender liner and mounted it with some zip ties to it's corner holes. Really can't get any other size in there, the fan is 120mm Square x38mm thick.


    And it's cool air source...

    I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the IAT drop, great for waiting on line at the drag strip and not cooking your shit.
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  15. scramblr

    scramblr Senior Member S197 Team Member

    Road debris got me...either broken up tiles or shale rock while doing 75mph on the freeway. Scared the shit out of me. But...insurance covered it all, to include a new condenser and windshield. Took the opportunity to replace the rear bumper to a CS and match the front, shave the antenna, make a couple holes in the hood, take care of a few dings and the body shop is taking care of me with a full paint job. And so Skwerl doesn't shit acorns, here is the progress.

    Image_0005.jpg Image_0004.jpg imagejpeg_0a.jpg imagejpeg_1.jpg IMG_21711.jpg IMG_21501.jpg IMG_21471.jpg IMG_21691.jpg IMG_21681.jpg
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