Fuel Injector Tech Thread

Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by JeremyH, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. lito

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    Stock injectors on stock pump, if proper delta is tuned in and while NA, are enough for low 400srwhp.

    So there is no need to go with coyote injectors, you have a tune issue, switching will only make the issue stronger.
  2. CammedS197

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    Ok thanks. I'm currently using a Brenspeed tune. Got a wideband o2 now and just need to install then I'll get with you to start tuning
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    Update info on the new Ford Racing M-9593 LU24A Injectors for 05-10 4.6L 3V engines:

    If you're considering to pick up a set of these to replace the OEM 24lb injectors the recommendation is to get the injector calibration data sheet from Ford Performance.com to have this data updated in your tune as these are a little different (the spray nozzles & spray pattern are much improved vs the OEM 24 lb injectors & are capable of carrying a higher max HP\TQ output vs the OEM 24 lb injectors as well).

    They'll still operate fine using the OEM 24lb injector calibration data so your engine will operate OK but to optimize these it's best to update the injector calibration data in the tune to then take full advantage of their capabilities.


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