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Discussion in 'Tires and Wheels' started by stang_gang, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. stang_gang

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    anyone know if you can put a tmps on a non tmps car? I have 2006 and would like to put tmps on my car to warn me when my tires are low.
  2. Norm Peterson

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    There may be some aftermarket systems, which I think would probably be your only option.

    Periodically checking tire pressures manually and paying attention to how the car feels and responds to cornering as you drive always seemed to work well enough before there was such a thing as TPMS. Your attention does have to be focused on the car, though.

  3. Juice

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    Possible, but not easy to do. TPMS is in the SJB, so you would have to get an SJB from a 2007-09. The warning light and/or display depending on interior trim package may or may not be in the cluster, so you may need to replace that too. And then all that needs to be programmed by IDS (ford diag tool)
  4. JeremyH

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    Easier, cheaper to get a universal one. They make small bluetooth pressure sensor valve stem caps and a app for your phone.