What have you done to your mustang today?

Discussion in 'Mustang Chit Chat' started by *JZ*, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. cavero

    cavero forum member

    New battery. Guy at Interstate said 5 years isn't too bad for an Optima, says most batteries regardless of manufacturer only last 5 years these days

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  2. Norm Peterson

    Norm Peterson corner barstool sitter

    So what does that little pair of wires run?

  3. Mach2burnout

    Mach2burnout 05 Redfire GT

    Looks like a battery maintainer cable. That’s what mine looks like.

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  4. cavero

    cavero forum member

    Yep, the quick disconnect for my battery tender. If ever hit a long time without driving it (love when they dump a bunch of salt on the roads), I can close the hood most of the way and don't have to worry about alligator clips
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  5. Gabe

    Gabe Whippled Coyote

    I do the same thing with both mine and my wife's.
    They sit all winter like that
  6. WJBertrand

    WJBertrand forum member

    Got my faded deck lid panel wrapped. Had a real carbon fiber one on there but it got stolen while my car was parked at a shopping center . Not enough money to make an insurance claim so pulled out the old panel and wrapped it.


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  7. Mach2burnout

    Mach2burnout 05 Redfire GT

    I run my cable through my shaker scoop opening or from the cowl so I can close the hood.

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  8. scramblr

    scramblr Senior Member S197 Team Member


    Got off my lazy ass and did the second cover. I had red ones before...not getting a personal wow factor here. Guess they may grow on me. Main goal was new gaskets due to oil seeping through the old ones.

    20210123_183239.jpg 20210123_183146.jpg
  9. Norm Peterson

    Norm Peterson corner barstool sitter

    Thanks, guys.

    Being able to leave a perfectly good-running car parked for an extended length of time by choice has been a bit outside my experience.

  10. cavero

    cavero forum member

    I hear ya, but I came from a rustbelt state where 15 year old cars can fail inspection for frames being rotted through. My first car had a rust hole in the door so big I could reach up inside to push the window back up when the lifter arm popped out of the track. 2nd car the spring perches on the front struts rusted loose (mid-90's GM so it had strut cartridges you replaced instead of the whole assembly). Have a few more examples but you get the point. Normally I alternate between the Mustang and our truck, but if they dump a bunch of salt on the roads, I'll put the mustang away until the roads are mostly clear again. Sometimes just a week, sometimes a month, month and a half.
  11. Sactown

    Sactown Sactown

    factory size, I think they might be steeda, but can't recall for sure, never been turned, probably only a couple 1000 miles on them
  12. Anti

    Anti forum member

    Data logging the old gal right now for lito. Just got it put back together the second time after retiming it. Grrr...
  13. Rich

    Rich Member

    Interior had a few creases in it but the solid tan seats were workin my nerves so I used a local auto upholstery shop to redo it. Turned out sweet and I dig the 2-tone look. They reskinned the seats and I installed them back in the car.


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  14. Rich

    Rich Member

    Had a couple hundred lying around and even though it's ridiculously priced at $150 for a piece of plastic, I went ahead and bought the SHR Honeycomb decklid insert. I will say this, it's a very well-made piece and much thicker and robust than I thought it would be. Getting the wing wrapped in matte black vinyl and adding the lower stripes is quickly bringing my Mach 1 tribute to life. Damn you Ford for not making a retro Mach during the 05-09 model years, you missed out on a sure money maker!




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  15. LarryJM

    LarryJM forum member

    After the 4th try including 2 brake bleeds, I finally got my Big Brake System on the 2014 Mustang GT working perfectly. Was it worth $1000 in total? I would say a big yes.
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  16. Rich

    Rich Member

    More stopping power is ALWAYS appreciated!
  17. Doug Huggard

    Doug Huggard Junior Member

    Built a custom fuel hat with two DW400 pumps. Built a full return fuel system with -8 ptfe line and Aeromotive regulator. Dead head 20200911_104942.jpg
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  18. Silver'nStripes

    Silver'nStripes Member


    Finished installing an AEM Failsafe Wideband this weekend. Have it set up to display AFR in the center while the outside LED indicates boost. It's not too easy to read the numbers around the perimeter, but you can adjust the color of the LED throughout the sweep. I have it configured to display red when reading vacuum, yellow in partial boost, and green at full boost. Pretty neat.

    Best part is the analog signal output for both boost and AFR, so I can datalog both signals. Planning on doing a Lito tune this spring, that should help.

    Don't have the failsafe trigger connected to anything yet, not sure if I'm going to.
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  19. Forty61

    Forty61 forum member

    I looked at it again.. control arms need doing but it’s been too cold, inspection needs doing but the tires are shot, tried to take it to the gas station just to keep fluids moving and found the battery was dead.. the list grows every day.
  20. DieHarder

    DieHarder Member

    Have the same setup. Like the dual gauge features and monitoring. Really easy to create logs for Lito with the extra outputs. Here's an overhead center gauge install (custom Zpod) that I did recently that monitors Oil Press/Oil Temp & Water Temp/Volts. I also have two more gauges on the driver's pillar (that I modified to move them as high as I could) monitoring ambient/boost temps & AFR/Boost like you. (Running 8 gauges for the price of 4). Never connected the trigger on the AEM either. IMO not needed unless you're a racer/or something you feel you really need to protect.

    IMG-1546.jpg IMG-1539.jpg

    IMG-1929.jpg IMG-1930.jpg
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