3v swap troubleshoot

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  1. SteveIH

    SteveIH Junior Member

    I had an issues like that with my 07 and the issues ended up being fuel pump. It would say lean sometimes and shutter tried injectors and tunes and I thought it couldn't be fuel pump then it quit all together replaced pump and have never had issues since.
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  2. Joe combs

    Joe combs Junior Member

    Check the hoses from the intake hose to the valve covers... I also agree with the comment about checking your O2 wiring since you are rich on one side and lean on the other. Also check to make sure you dont have an exhaust leak around the exhaust manifold to cat pipe. The right side O2 is in the cat pipe, the drivers side in in the manifold... if you have a way for air to be pulled in at the leak it could create the lean code you describe.
  3. Mustang Mark

    Mustang Mark forum member

    Very good chance you have your O2 sensor wires mixed up driver to passenger and vise versa with having one side rich and one lean... ask me how I know...
  4. RavenGT

    RavenGT Junior Member

    200 HP from mufflers and a tune? No. Not even remotely close.
  5. MrAwesome987

    MrAwesome987 forum member

    Are you kidding? Those mods probably put it closer to +250hp.
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  6. greyGT

    greyGT Junior Member

    I’d check the signal wire colors on both upstream O2 sensors. It is possible to mismatch the upstream and downstream connectors. Passenger side upstream O2 sensor, 1 of the 4 wires should be grey with a light blue stripe (GY-LB). Driver side, 1 of the 4 wires should be red with a black stripe (RD-BK). If you see RD-LG and VT-LG, fronts and rears are reversed. If there is a track nearby, try taking it for a WOT run. If you hammer it and it doesn't go lean, you probably don't have a fueling problem. If you leave traction control on, and you spin, it will cut fuel. Disable traction control at your own risk.
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