6R80 in my 05

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  2. easy peezy. just make sure you change your shifter parameters in the tune

  3. Vince351

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    Where did you pull this diagram from? Is the SIGRTN wire a power or ground wire
  4. ground
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    I wired in my manutronic today with a latching switch using the amg paddle shifters and it works great.... super quick shifts. Unfortunately when i disengage the manutronic and put it in conventional "drive".... the car doesnt want to shift itself anymore. Even if i disable the manutronic in the transmission tune, it still wont shift itself, although the quick 6 is showing It being in "drive". Anyone have a problem like this? I assume i have something not wired correctly but i wired it just like the manual says under "momentary shift buttons with latching on/off switch". Thanks for the help
  6. chad Cini

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    I wonder if it has something to do with why they have updated the manual with a different wiring diagram.... seems like there is a few new things in there... i saw something on the trans brake wich wasnt in my original manual[​IMG]manual